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Revised 10-8-15

If you can imagine it, we can do it!


Let us work with you to make a lasting memory.

In the early days of photography, a picture was said to capture one's soul. We don't claim to capture your soul but we do realize that great photography makes you feel like you are in the picture. In other words, great photography is natural-not posed. And it takes a lot to get people to feel natural in front of a camera. We make you feel at home in front of the camera. We produce results that have people saying "It must be great to be in that family!". We make photographs that are relaxed, natural, and real. We have taken our relaxed and natural method of photography and expanded it past the studio. We believe that any photograph should make you feel that you are a part it. Our landscapes, our family and pet shots, our macro shots, our commercial shots, and our bread and butter weddings all make you feel that you are there. And isn't that what photography is supposed to do-make you feel the moment again and again-to create a memory that will last a lifetime?                              

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